31 May 2012

School Holiday

School Holiday is a joy to many children if not all. Andrea and Ben enjoy staying in bed past 7 am, school holiday is the best time for them to laze with daddy. I have been looking for holiday programs for the kids, before the school holiday starts, however luck was not with me. I have ended up with my own program for the kids this holiday :) 

Swimming lesson every Wed & Friday evening
Mon, Wed & Friday out for lunch and some activities
8am-10am shichida practice time
10am - 2pm either out for activities or stay home with the kids
2pm-6pm mummy alone time

So far everyone is happy including the maid. I have tune down so much, no scolding the maid or even feel dissatisfied for over a month now. Life can be in their greatest if you relax I suppose, but for me to relax is another set of skills that needed to acquire :) Today is another day that i felt thankful for what I have today and what I am today, Thank you so much to all - near and far, Up and down :) 

I have throw many rubbish in the activity room today. I also have discovered many amazing stuff my kids have done with the maid - arts & craft and drawings. arranged children junky and did some development milestone for the kids. I also brought andrea to isetan for manicure, the stamping is so beautiful. She loves it :)

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