17 May 2012

deep healings initiated by GOD

Yesterday was an average day for me. I manage to meet up my aunt together with mum for breakfast, bring my maid to go buy her phone & groceries shopping, took a rest and read in the afternoon. According to dong gong it was a dire day hence I did not do anything important, just let the day pass. By 3 pm my friend ping me on FB asked for my number cos she lost it. She then called me on my phone, initially the chat was alright until she said something like - do you know you are really fortunate and had a good life. I immediately felt provoked and the hypocrite in her returned! I hung up the phone and tell myself to release as it is not important. 

Dinner time we met up with thomas uncle and aunty from KK. three of them take turn to ask "thomas pick you up from work?", "issit jam to come from your work place?", "Did you go home and change or you come straight from work?". I don't know what to say, I just say yes and no. end. The last person who asked, thomas overheard and said she is not working anymore. BOCOR my rahsia. haha ... then 2 of them knew I was lying just now. anyway .... i ignore. Back to the car aunt susan said to me, as you are not working now, you may want to get to know GOD. (she didn't know I'm working with many GODs from jesus christ, kuan yin, ISIS and hindu gods etc). I kept quiet but my mind thinks "what to do in church leh, i have been working with jesus christ, looking at a bunch of people in church - do i need to tell them, you can leave home (church) when you are old enough. Explore what is outside as jesus has explored many things like healing with herbs, frankincense, healing people (not necessary only christians) etc. Put your faith and heart to GOD (jesus) and explore what is needed in life and always return with grace. Then aunty susan disrupt my thoughts by saying - christianity is not a religion. I was like HUH! WOW! Then what is it i ask her. She said Relationship with GOD. Wow ... I said, Yeah I know. but 1st you must find GOD she told me. I kept quiet as She won't believe that I already found Jesus. 

I then had an urge to tell her why I tell a lie just now. I told her I felt very upset because of work. I have been a very well plan person and have high manifestation state and I couldn't believe this happen to me. When I graduated I told myself I need to be like my dad (my dad's MD for Mulpha sister company), my 1st goal is become people manager. I became a functional leader after 3 years of working and have been a functional regional leader for 3 years, total 6 years working experience I have not been made a people manager. My salary is high buy position and status is what I'm looking, I'm always rated as above average contributor for my yearly assessment, it's just bad luck (i don't trust in luck - I take it as God's plan for this is not my life purpose) that I don't get what I want. Even before I start looking for jobs, I KNOW i want a management trainee post so the percentage of becoming a manager would be higher. She then ask me will I be looking for other job? I told her NO very sternly. For 6 years I think I have given enough time for GOD to tell me if climbing the corporate ladder is my life purpose, and I always rate above average  for assessment, the problem is not in Me or the Company. It's my choice of letting go and find God (actually I meant life purpose, cos I don't know if she knows everyone born to have a life purpose, goal for them to accomplish on earth school)

I cried so much and she say prayer for me. I did not 'see' jesus but alot of white (i suspect is the holy spirit). Thank you God for sending lovely people to me, I know I may not completely heal although I thought I have but meeting with powerful and loving people definitely speed up my recovery process. I would say 90% healed!! :) I hope  .... until next time you send people to 'test' me ;) I told aunty susan, my learnings for this is to live with the flow of Life. Thank you Jesus :) I usually 'see' jesus when I ask hubby to say prayer for me. haha ... Jesus is the colour of green! If you are curious :) 

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