06 May 2012

Won RM50

For I'm not working currently, I need mindful spending. However whenever I have an urge to buy I will buy, gulp ... luckily hubby was still supportive :) I bought Melissa & Dough pretend play costume (the cook & train engineer) with 15% off. For that day at mothers care their carnival day, for every RM200 you get to go for lucky dip. I prayed for a good prize (as i do not know what would be the prize as they are all wrap up). Picked a ping pong ball and handed to the person, she gave me a RM50 voucher! I have no reaction as I do not know this is the best gift, i choose stuff i wanna buy with this voucher and proceed to the counter. Cashier asked me, did you get this from the lucky draw? I said yes and ask her is this the best prize? She told me they have RM10, RM20 and RM50 voucher! and I got the highest value. Wow! Thank you :)

I wanted to post this on my FB but for what I've learn, my SIL kena hexes. The colleague is jealous of her and hex her. For I know many people around me also jealous of me, some would tell me and some would just keep quiet and spy on my photos & status on FB. For I feel this is so Silly, we human has different life path and they want to use their energy on jealousy, envy, anger, greed, worst of all hex or curse to the people they do not like. I want to tell you, when people post up something nice like bags, house or their children, they are not boasting or trying to make you jealous. They are happy and cherish for whatever things that the universe give it to them. They just want to share the joy they had and trying to emit positive energy to people who is reading or watching. If you feel negative when looking at all these, there is a strong EGO in you that you need to fix. The other things I want to say is, what goes around comes around, as this is the law of the universe, it's not my law. For there is alot of imbalance people, I also refrain from posting many things on FB. I also have changed my blogger domain name the 4th time, WHY? because I do not want people that I know to be imbalance emotionally. It do harm to them and harm to me. Live your life with LOVE, no one is competing with you as we are all spark of the divine. 

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