24 May 2012

The Power of Aloneness

This is another stuff that i could not express myself to others. Dedicate to all parents for their children by Padma Aon Prakasha

When one is cut off from friends, family, loved ones; when one is placed in an unfamiliar environment far away from what one knows; when one has no means of getting anywhere to escape; when one is truly in the unknown, this is when one can discover the merging of the shew with the other light bodies. Rich inner worlds lie within, waiting to be explored, and it is only in certain opportunities given to us that we can benefit from this most greatly. Staying in this space, even while surrounded by others, is what makes us whole and able to relate to others as a whole. If we rely on others to make us who we are, to enable us to express who we are, then we will always live in reflection and in need of others. 

I wanted to tell my aunt that I had my 'learnings' when i was in UK. I said if you could give your child to be on their own it's a great learning for them. She told me some people can some people will become worst if not watched. Maybe she is right, but my experience tells me all human needs to be alone in order for us to grow spiritually. Maybe my cousin doesn't need this hence my aunt wants to keep all her children by her side. Only God Knows. 

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