30 May 2012

what's my career

Career can be seen as many perspective to many people. I personally thinks that career can only give me satisfaction when I have money and power. Those were the days when I was in corporate world. Now I have lost what I desire most, I choose to think career is a job that you can find satisfaction with. 2 months at home, no matter how much i force myself to think this is the most noble job I have, the feeling of wanted to achieve something is still there. I then mark on my calendar the best excellent day so I can wear on my sales man suit to do some sales. I did some cold callings, walking into shops with thick skins to ask for their management contacts and also distribute my new business card , sending flyers to companies and send one and only quotation out. After 2 months - no sales :( 

Hubby on the other hand, had all the contacts by word of mouth. He just told me one of his client gave his contact to one interested buyer, so please expect someone calling him. aww ... I gave my business card to many prospect, how come no one calling me. Sometimes, I want to ask god, what's my career. Only taking care of the kids can be boring, I need to see some short term achievement too. Can I?? Need to plan for june and july schedule, give me at least one sales! or send me people or event, bring me to my actual life purpose/ path, I have got enough rest and want to do something meaningful. For the time being, I will still tell myself taking care of the kids is meaningful, but I hope there is another plan for me that could work concurrently. Waiting for Divine Timing. 

Children lives under the wing of parents. We all do our best for our children regardless what other says. A friend of mind telling me that she feels sad when some parents turn away right brain training for their children. I was once like her, being a new parents can be exciting and always feel bad for the babies I've met - having ignorant parents. By going into spirituality, my perspective widens and do not feel bad or put those ignorant parents into another basket. When younger I also tried my best to talk many parents out of the benefit for right brain development, for now I don't do it. The most I do is to send information out to them when the centre has anything, I keep my mouth shut when they ask me no question. The power of my throat chakra being healed is very dominant and I love it, it gave me peace which I have never felt before. One of my friend ask me, how do you find shichida casually, I told her sit with your baby quietly and he/she will let you know if he/she needs it. Only you and your baby knows if this will benefit you & the baby. I am an outsider, what is good for me might not be good for you but I want you to know there is this method on earth that you can explore. 

One ask me, isn't kumon better? I said I have no idea, from the workbook my kids benefit alot from it. To me, kumon and glen doman learn by repetition. No doubt they could produce kids with amazing speed and absorb large amount of information. you ask me, isn't it good? I told you it's good. you then ask me why didn't I enroll my kids too. I learn my life by observing my own flaw, I know what I need and what my children needs. tweedle wink and heguru also right brain development, I explored all these and in the end stick with shcihida .... the reason is - shichida is my education PARTNER. Their teaching compliments what I teach at home. I do meditation, only shichida do deep breathing, make golden energy ball (splash to wash away negativity) and another small golden energy ball to eat for making us healthy. you ask me, what are all these, I know you are thinking we are a bunch of crazy people. To make you believe those that cannot be seen with human eyes can be hard, I pray for your wisdom to see this. Secondly Imaging is what I like from shichida. In real life imaging works for me, and I know this is important tools to boost up confident and get what you want in life. you ask me how?? I wish I told you that I do not have money to go to Kumon instead. Sorry ... These are the invisible that I do not know how to describe but is natural human capabilities. I hope that I could be better with words. Please forgive me for now. 

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