29 December 2011

Diana Cooper Childrens Corner

Oh My GOD! I'm so excited. Thank You for directing this to me. BEST christmas or New Year gift ever! I really need to do my part now.

After went to Golden Space and get another re-assurance about my life purpose, I have been thinking, hm .. what can i do better or what approach I shall use to teach my kids. This website is so wonderful, Thank you Diana cooper and universe! I've read a few pages, I do really like the children stories, it touches my heart - I will buy them via book depository when my 1st batch of books arrived, I hope it will arrive 1st week of jan 2012. I know Andrea will love it too, I thought only Christianity will have material for the kids, and I'm REALLY happy I was introduced to Diana Cooper yesterday while chatting with a friend .. hm .. i feel so warm

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