25 December 2011

Christmas Present!

Hubby bought a Burberry Bag for me :) Hubby saw it in The Gardens and thought we can get it in pavillion, however the bags were not exactly the same. We went to gucci, celine, marc jacob, LV and parkson. Finally we found one that suit my taste - KLCC burberry. I hold it in my hand and swung on my shoulder, I have this feeling that - "this is mine" :) This is to replace my coming to 3 year old working bag. 

I have bought 9 meiji chocolate for my family - wrap it with toys r us wrapper (that cashier on duty gave me 5 pieces, thanks to her that I don't have to buy wrapper). Bought Hubby massimo dutti. Bought the kids right brain games. Gave a treat to my family for christmas dinner at the Harrods KLCC. Food was so so, maybe because my kids are out of control when my parents are there ;( I do not enjoy my food. Anyway, the environment was great! 

We went for a Christmas string ensemble at KLPAC before the dinner at Harrods. It was great. I hope andrea enjoy it :)

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