18 December 2011

Heguru trial class

I have been wanting to try heguru because I heard that by 4 year old parents are not allowed to be in the class. I know my weakness, I always expect they get all correct because their right brain is healthier than mine. haha ... anyway, I was blessed to have given a chance to try out heguru. I've went to ALL of the right brain centre! How proud :)

I paid RM100 1 week before the class, the admin did a good job in sending 2 reminders (2 different days) prior to my trial class. Upon arrival, as usual mid valley is packed with people and cars, have difficulty finding a car park, did some visualizing and sending out parking space vibration, finally we got one within 10 min (quite long tho). Andrea's eyes were all red when sensei asked her name, I thought to myself. PLEASE don't cry. Luckily she didn't :p The sensei let me sit in the class, how kind

Heguru has 3 sensei in each class, max children in a class is 12 and that day we have 9 in total. 1 sensei sitting infront to do all the talking and flashing, 1 sensei preparing materials, songs and switching on and off the lights, 1 sensei taking care of the children (i.e ask them to keep quiet and sit properly). I would say the class is VERY EFFICIENT - 1 full solid hour of right brain training. Of course the materials are more extensive than shichida. What I love best - Da Da right brain english, blue dots card, history and mandala. Their Mandala is more than 4 colors and you have to DRAW out the mandala beside coloring it. How difficult! AMAZING~!

Andrea feedback was, she wants to continue to go heguru, but after arrived home - after dinner. I asked her again. She told me she doesn't want to go heguru, I asked her why, she said she doesn't like the sensei use the stick to hit on the white board. I guess she is frighten of the sound. My poor little girl ... Confirm she cannot go to Chinese school, how sharp my intuition for not sending her to chinese school! Sensei just want to get children attention by hitting the white board loudly and sensei also sounded harsh (i guess this is how the real japanese does). anyway, since andrea is already 4, I respect her decision as i initially plan to send her to both. 

Shichida, heguru, tweedle wink can actually compliment each other in many ways. As I am in spiritual path, energy is the core and backbone of all things in this universe. Only shichida practicing this core - doing energy ball, washing away the negative energy and eating the energy ball. This is Very important yet it was neglected. You know what, I feel so blessed. Not only religion I got the best, right brain centre for my kids I've found the best too. Best here refer to my own benefits - as what really needed by my/ family highest good. Thank You!

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