27 December 2011


Quiet day in the office. People are resting and some were not resting as they have no choice but to work. What life brings when one does not enjoy every moment of their present moment. Thank you GOD for pointing me the right path but what about human that need more light than I do? How can you reach her like you have given your hand to me? Every human being is a reflection of oneself and is part of oneself, how to treat them when I was full of disappointment and anger? I understand, human has to ask for GOD to help, I'm sure she has done all she needed but why is she still holding the burden? let go .... tell her to let go as this is not her life purpose. She should stop doing what she is doing as she is hurting me badly and I hope she realized and tell me she is going home today or tomorrow.

For me, I know the lesson from this. For whoever told me otherwise are not important as their third eye needs more energy. Release and Let go. I do not want this to continue for another year, 2012 is a great year and i will start new like buds sprouting. I attract capable people to help me, nobleman and lots of time for my children. I'm not afraid of handling the kids alone without a live-in maid. I am blessed with abundance in life. I will remain my current job while my life purpose can continue parallel with it. I love to see my bank account with 5 digits in December every year! I know that 5 Digits manifestation will take part by 2012 every month. For all human beings needs time for themselves, I pray that she will take her life with pride and confident. 

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