15 December 2010

SV - 12Dec2010

Next week is term evaluation! I was worried when i heard this, because i thought andrea will not make it because i lack of time to practice with her and as of the lesson today, she cannot play big time D and Rock on A properly, needless to say twinkle variation. Every lesson, i just let her enjoy the class, only 10-20% of the time correcting her. I usually correct her at home than in class. On that day, andrea told teacher that she already can play big time D, gosh ... she only can sing, i gave her the sticker because she played D string but the note she played very short. I thought it was an encouragement for her to practice more, i shy away when dr. ng ask andrea to show him later. 

Anyway, today andrea amaze me when i'm in the shower. she played twinkle variation A, but in a slower beat! I smile to myself and i feel very happy when i heard that, i cannot believe my girl can play it, she barely can play a string properly last few days and suddenly it's perfect! Teacher said 3 months they can play twinkle variation and my friend's daughter at 5 years old, 3 months only can play - i cannot believe my girl 1.5 months can play already. After Sunday class, i had her practice every evening, i will go shower and ask her to practice on her own and i will play the CD and she will follow it after i finish shower. This is to prepare for next week evaluation. Today is just Wednesday and the two pieces - big time D and rock on A is perfect! I'm so so HAPPY! Will see how's her performance this Sunday :)

Now i concur what dr. ng has to say last time. Children shall let them sing the beat and it will come naturally - to play it on the violin. Sing Sing Sing, yes! I love the solfege he did, andrea loves it too. 

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