24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas eve! I feel Joy and I feel love. I love Christmas, the decorations are so beautiful and i love Christmas carol and i love seeing people wearing Christmas costumes and i definitely love Christmas food. I enjoy so much in the UK where i see and touch real snow for the 1st time and i would wish for white Christmas every year. The anticipation is really joyous and warm because you know it's Christmas!

Today office is really quiet, all the Christians must have taken leaves for christmas. My work life has been great, despite some small rocks that made my road bumpy, overall it's great. I can feel that my connection with people is very much closer now and I would bump into people that i have not seen for a long long time. It feels great to reconcile with people that you have not met for a while. This christmas i receive more gifts from my colleague compared to last year and i feel the awkwardness has tremendously decreased when i talk to people who are not really close to me. I really love this change and i receive my payout yesterday and it shows RM300 more and i told my manager and she said it might be wrong, asked me don't use it. I felt upset for one moment but release the anger and worries because i know i have abundance and the divine will guide me. I also helped andrea to pack some christmas goodies for her friends in school, violin and shichida class. Andrea choose the goodies and drop it into the bag, i would help her to tie it. Andrea just love to share her love to everyone around her. 

I hope everyone would have a Joyous christmas and a Happy New Year!

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