17 October 2011

Violin class - 1 year

it's exactly 1 year! How time flies. Teacher said he is preparing for andrea's grade 1 and suggest that we go straight to grade 5 exam, i wonder if that is possible. hahaa... i said whatever ... as long as you enjoy teaching her. haha ..

1. just memorize etude whole song and now working on minuet 1 second line. 
2. encore book 2. Andrea enjoy encore book very very much. 
3. Andrea practice her violin on her own without me nagging her - she loves her new encore book
4. did all the scales few months back, now drilling on arpeggios (2 octaves)
5. can do slur really well - pick it up from encore book (useful for suzuki as well)
6. can do harmonics really well (on tune) - pick it up from encore book 
7. practice on her 4th finger on encore book and i guess it helps more than the suzuki book.
8. bowing needs to improve and kena drill on it in today's lesson. 

I'm really grateful to be able to have this violin class with andrea during my lunch time. I feel so much better every time after the lesson, music does wonders! Teacher might not be as organized as me but the most important thing to me is I can see that he does enjoy teaching little children. I laugh and smile so much seeing him teaching andrea. it's not boring! I always feel sleepy and no energy everytime i arrive, but will get energy recharge at teacher's house. How Amazing!

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