23 October 2011

Blue energy Healing

ISIS Lotus Healing. I've done this with SN today. I've met with 2 healers previously and SN is really gifted as he can answer all my weird questions and surprisingly I can feel it is the answer that I'm waiting for. Really Amazing! I was 1st very nervous when enter the office, as there are Egyptian drawings/ sculpture. I'm always afraid to go to temples because I know spirits exist and I do hear them (2 times to be precise) when i was young - during hungry ghost month festival when helping my mum to burn papers and in the hospital toilet when I was chanting. I know entering this office do not have wondering souls or spirits, but this place is FULL of Blue energy - I can feel it when i enter. I calm down after a few minutes after the healing starts. 

1. I cried for no reason during the healing session
2. I felt as if something pull out from my head
3. I feel lighter! 

SN gave me all the time i need to ask him question, this is really important for me. I'm so thankful that kuan yin has finally let me meet SN. I have been looking for my own ascended master, surprisingly SN told me that it is kuan yin cos it is very strong with me. I have connection with kuan yin. I then told him, I move on to SGM because praying to GOD for things we human wanted is WRONG, i just know it - don't ask me why i know it .. i don't know. He told me that "YOU are RIGHT". SN said - continue chanting daimoku and image or call upon kuan yin, she will help. All these while, all my wish comes true, IT IS KUAN YIN. I'm so grateful ... Now I can say thank you to you - past few months i just say ascended master, i know someone is there but i don't know who. Thanks :)

I chanted daimoku for SN, he says he sees golden yellow light which is protective power and saw some lotus. I'm thinking - lotus for kuan yin - lotus for daimoku - lotus for blue energy, maybe this is where I shall be going. I told him my experience in hospital when i chant (forgot what) I hear spirit sound - he told me 'da bei zou' emit white light, so it will attract spirit/ lost souls. It is not for normal human like us. yikes! I told him yeah, since then i only chant infront of kuan yin at home. After being introduced to SGM, i only chant daimoku. I feel safer. 

He too said my throat and root chakra is block. I got bitten by snake in past life (which is the part where i had severe shoulder pain last time) - amazing! I need to step on grass for the things i want to manifest. He said you can manifest things really quickly, i said YES! how did you know but now it seems not working! he said step more on grass, get grounded, it will come to you in 2-3 months time. He said i need a rest like a month to travel places like nepal or tibet cos he can see my energy change is delaying (i know the reason is because i hold on to the ppl mgr post too tightly and caused the energy to block! how sad). I ask him if my career not a successful one? He told me he see me doing healing for children. I told him i don't know if i will do that as I never thought of teaching/ consult people for what i've learn like bazi, feng shui, healing etc. I told him, we shall see ... Actually I have doubt, as of now, career is still very important to me - I have a vision - my husband is very rich, I don't have to work in MNC, healing children can be my career but I do not charge.

Honestly I do love to teach young children, as they are not as contaminated as adults. I feel heartache to see parents do not raise their children well, even people close to me. I don't know what my life will lead but I make sure it will be a successful one. Before my husband turn multi-billionaire I need to make sure for NOW I earn and save lots before I do charity next time for my past time. May all the children shines brightly for the greatest human revolution!

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