18 October 2011

Reading time

The recent new activity me with the kids are reading phonics collection from lady bird. 

Since I've moved to new house, it was difficult for me to handle 2 kids alone. Last time at condo, i would just call out my maid, in the new house, i can hardly see my maid because she is always downstairs at the kitchen. I need to yell my lungs out for her to hear me from upstairs.

1. ben would come up to me with his violin when I'm teaching andrea violin/ memorizing pieces
2. ben would open ALL of his magic colour cover and draw the shichida sheet all over - when I'm not looking
3. ben would bring his own book when I'm reading to andrea
4. andrea would do funny stuff to distract benjamin when I'm teaching ben
5. andrea would keep coming to ask me question when I'm teaching ben
6. andrea would want to do things I ask ben to do (all ben 2 yr old kumon books have been completed by andrea, what a waste!)

I have stop doing all these for a few days as I need to find peace in within. However, 2 days ago, ben took andrea's old phonics books. We started reading it, the best part is andrea could read it too. One stone kill 2 birds. Andrea read, benjamin listen, mummy relax. haha .... I love reading it nightly for 2 days now. I ask ben to follow me when I read and andrea would read the whole book by herself with minimal correction from me. So basically we read 2 times each book. No fighting, no attention seeking, BLISS. 

Ben starting to speak alot of words, it's really funny to hear him say: "not now, brown cow" and "zoot scoot boogie woogie" - YES 4 words in one sentence. hahahaa ... So proud of my boy

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