07 October 2011


Today, my friend from the UK whatsapp me that the gift i bought for my grandma has arrived. During the journey to office, I have flashes of memories of my maternal grandparents and started to think why my paternal grandparents does not gave me the same warmth and trust. I look into my own bazi, maternal grandpa was gui water, which I'm sitting on. maternal grandma which is not in my chart - why I feel more comfortable with them. 

My maternal grandpa has passed away when I was studying my 1st year in the UK. I was sad that I could not come back for his funeral. The memories I have - whenever he came to KL, we would go shopping and I could choose my favorite little twin star and hello kitty things from sogo. He do not interfere what I choose, he just look at the things I want to buy and ask me, you like this .. then go and pay for it. When he was in sick bed, I remember him holding my hand tightly before going into operation theater. I was still young that time, i dind't know how to heal him and didn't know what to do to make him feel better, i just sit by him. If i have learn energy healing back then, i will use it to relieve some of his worries and fear. My maternal grandma is a very neutral person, she told me her experiences in life. She gave andrea a jade bangle. She has anger but when she talks she is real, she does not hide her real emotion., she is sincere. They do not judge me or tell me what to do and TRUST all is well by telling me what is right and wrong only once. I don't know in real life if they are like that, but GOD has let me see this Good side of theirs and I want to adopt this to my children. I know my grandma loves chinese tea - I've ordered organic dragon well from jing tea cost me GBP10 for 50g. I hope she likes it. 

My paternal grandparents and the whole family are not open and always makes me feel whatever they say, it's for their own benefit. I'm born in their blood too, Im aware whatever negative things I say, it is a part of me too. I have tried very hard to eliminate these negative emotions so I can walk towards the light without returning to the earth. I pray everyone who runs part of my blood would attain Buddhahood/ Christ mind before this lifetime ends. I do not hold grudge as this is not my life purpose. I pray they can let go of the grudge and release fear, jealousy and worries. amen

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