14 September 2011

Things will come round

I have tried very hard to get a people manager job for myself. When I feel like giving up, I always ask myself if I've tried Hard enough and if I've tried Long enough. I have this powerful WANT in myself for more than 2 months now and feel abit demotivated and have told myself yesterday - maybe I shall go back to spiritual and listen to my inner voice, what really my divine plan is. Hence, I've bought kelly howell - destiny retrieval, as I plan to drop the material vision (becoming people manager) and go back to the source. Just THEN ... miracle happen!

Well, it's not really miracle as he did not say he wants to take me. The functional manager asked me to send my CV to him and will talk later today or tomorrow over the phone. Why I wrote things comes around because - you know i hate Indian and  swear that I will not work with Indian anymore. This functional manager sits in India and he is an Indian. I don't know if he will give me a chance to become people manager but I want to say - I don't really hate Indian, I love them and is ever ready to serve who ever that is ready to give me a chance. I know this path would not be easy but at least once in a life time, I get to experience managing people. everything will turn out to be easy peasy when my golden hand touches it! I always believe in that :) 

I just pray that his Indian slang is computable. My 2 months hard work will end here if I do not get what I want. Have I tried long enough? maybe not but because the universe time is quickening, i think 2 months is long enough for me to try. Maybe it's time for me to move on to other task :)

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