13 August 2012

Ben - 2Years 9Mths

I cannot force my boy, oh God i need wisdom how to handle this kid. I know for sure that the experience of watching me scold my maid has GREAT impact on him. Although my maid is back, look what I have to deal with, little monster just like mummy. Gosh ... 

1. Wants to do things on his own. Getting down the car, wear his own clothes/pants/socks/shoes/watch etc, feed himself, wash his own hands etc. Basically everything .... Mummy had a hard time dealing with this, if I tried doing for him the storm begins and never ends :( 

2. Eating lesser now, sometimes eats only 3 mouth when food served not to his liking

3. Started to do kumon cutting and pasting. Kinda late but better than not. He has master scissors skills way before 2 yr old and sticking earlier on but now only I have time to sit with him and do. Writing numbers and alphabet still in progress, Can only write 1. lol ... long way to go for writing

4. Can sing andrea's hip hop song by himself. Move like jagger by maroon 5. Not bad eh. Can sing other pop songs when I play Mix FM (a phrase or two). lol ... 

5. Love to eat sweets and raisin. I do not have control over it because I'm not the one who gave him sweet. Bringing him to see dentist would be another drama I think, please don't let it happen :(

6. Helps me to do most of the house chores when I ask him to. The most beneficial part is ask ben to get my small robot (the virtual wall) from upstairs to downstairs. Remove hanger from the clothes. Keep his own toys and airplanes. Bring finish plates to the sink. Water the grass and flowers. Clean up mess (water/ urine) that he'd done. 

7. Loves reading the very hungry caterpillar. Still carrying letterland book around but I dind't read it for him. 

8. 1 week never pee in the diaper at night. positive development :) 

9. Stop Musikgarten class in August 2012. Looking for Music class, preferably suzuki when he turns 3 in oct. Please send me good teachers for his music appreciation. 

10. Eating what adults eating now. No special children food for now until mummy has fully gain emotional stability. 

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