21 June 2012

5th Birthday

My Little princess has turned 5 years old. Academically she is doing really well, music, dancing is what she likes most. The only thing she lack is love for her brother. It could be her friend profile and the 7Killing in her year pillar, she does not confront anyone infront of you but will do small little things to hurt the brother like trip him over or smack him in the buttock or face. I had a hard time figuring out how is she feeling and how I can improve her emotional state :( Anyway, it's a happy event, I will leave it to the divine to 'teach' me how to balance up andrea's emotion :) 

We had birthday celebration at the school with the blue cake below. This year birthday andrea choose Little twin stars, hence I gave 2 stickers with the below graphic to the cake designer. Tah-Dah ... we are very satisfied with it :) Andrea is really happy too !! In the evening we went to Rakuzen in Subang Empire for family celebration, she ate so much and enjoy open her present in the restaurant. Luckily we have a room to ourself. We puff up balloons as the kids really enjoy puffing it with the puffer and handed all the guess with our Japanese snack party bags. It's a simple celebration but it brings so much memory to me, my little girl is almost spiritually ready to be independent and do things on her own more. I will miss all the moment I'm with her when she was a baby.

I have one more year to 'shape' her character and to usher her back to the correct (spiritual) path. I sincerely pray and hope the divine can lend me a helping hand, attracting good schools, good events, good teachers and many other that help andrea & I grow to be a person that is full of Love and Light. My wish for andrea, to be able to do everything that she wants and always be happy and Loved. Amen.  

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