13 June 2012

Childhood clearing

I have heard and read alot about treating your child as best as you can because it will impact the whole life - 三岁定八十. I always feel i'm the most fortunate baby girl in the world but never recall bad things that happened to me. This gave me stronger urge to bring my children up myself, hopefully I will be positively influence the kids instead. 

it all started when andrea drank the expired milk. I could not let go, hence i exploded again (it actually dragged for 2 weeks). The 1st time happened I felt really bad and I feel there must be some lost souls or my ancestor staying in my energy field hence i have consciously clear it daily and it was alright for a few months. This time it happened again, I hold my crystal ball, crying to myself asking the divine what could it be, i know it's not the disincarnate souls disturbing for sure, what is it !!! Divine show me a series of my childhood pictures, i look at it and cried my hearts out ... it didn't seems so painful to me at that time and i didn't remember it to be so painful. I felt my pain and I felt my mother's pain. My mum hitting me and ignoring me in many occasion .... after finish 'watching movie' i now have an answer - my subconscious mind. No one right and No one is at wrong. Things happen for a reason. Since this is stuck with me i need to clear it (still don't know how) and send the maid back. 

I am so sorry for not respecting you, I lost control. Thank you for bringing this up for me to clear. I wish you all the best. You may not be the best maid but anyhow has helped me alot. Hope the extra 1 month salary is enough for your family. I'm sorry for not letting you to finish your 2 years contract. 

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