06 January 2012


Today benjamin fuss a little on his second day at school. I feel so warm and supported by Andrea. I feel that I can count on her and she will help me whole heartily. Only at 4 years old she has already help me to feel at ease, I'm really a sucker in emotion and cannot make up my mind when it comes to emotional matters :( I give gratitude for today, separation was at ease and pray that love and confidence will be with benjamin. Thank God for andrea, I'm so blessed to have her. 

I always do not believe in second chance for anybody, however I always had second chance. I thank universe for that. I know I always take things for granted and when it comes to relationship matter - with children, maid, hubby, father, mother etc ... I always always cannot make firm decision. Yesterday was an emotional day - i notice that I get angry quickly and also make decision quickly, however decision made are based on emotion and not with a clear mind. Although i had valid reason to send the maid home but deep down I know she tries very hard, do I really want to send her back? Hubby said alot, yesterday he supported me to send the maid back and talk to her, after the talk I felt regret. I was mad because I feel mum and hubby always do not support me, now both of them support me wholeheartedly, I have to pull back. The real problem is with me not the maid :( Thank You for letting me see this clearly.

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