08 January 2012

Peaceful observation

Hubby brought me to his developer annual dinner. The atmosphere was so good, I enjoy it and the food was very yummy too. I was there, pretty much in my own world, as all of them were men. I observe the Owner, he looks calm and friendly - he is not like typical business man like my uncles who will be holding beer/wine walking around chatting. The way he shake my hands and say hello is really genuine, maybe just a few words for me, so the 7K is not out. Their Son took over the development business, he looks young and 'si man'. I saw his wife, very fair like him too, they have a baby - sleeping throughout the dinner. The wife sitting on another table, The husband sat on the table with his parents and his uncles I think. Hubby told me, this developer payment is always on time and never drag payment, which is rare i think to myself. My dad always said, if businessman don't do this, how they survive. I'm really happy to learn that, there is someone genuine on earth and is successful too. I don't always buy in what my dad says, because he pollutes my sub-conscious mind! I always want to believe the good, even in business. Law of attraction will only attract the good to those has good thoughts. 

The son which is taking over the dad's company, walk one round for 'yam seng'. I think, they only have about 10 tables for their staff, contractors and suppliers. For lucky draw, me and hubby each got gift. Lucky or what .. haha .... We got ourselves a yu yan sang hamper and RM100 jusco voucher. Actually our table got 9 people, 7 got lucky draw price, other people was making remark that why all goes to our table. I would love to think that, law of attraction is attracting good to me and people around me. hahaha... how vain!

Looking at their family, i would love to see my kids inherited something from the father. The father also can be someone who achieve big things like becoming a developer or anything big. I know hubby can do it, maybe some limitation in his subconscious mind that stop him from getting 'big' things. I feel so warm and happy to see their family having material abundance yet their body are in shape, not those fat, ugly weird Rich business man you saw. Their energy is healthy, that's what I can conclude :) Just be.

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