12 October 2012

Kumon Maths

Since Year 1 started, andrea doesn't have alot of homework compared to old kindergarten. I then photostated alot of maths for andrea, Kumon grade 1 & 2, both addition and subtraction. Each book 4 copies, I use my own strategy as I do not know what kumon centre is doing. I feel repetition is the key. 

During my A levels maths, I had pure maths (easy), statistic (medium) and mechanics (killing). However there is one more paper during exam, is to test how fast you can do and 100% sure all student cannot finish, my tuition teacher told me - do as fast as you can and be sure it's correct as you do not have time to check. (the tip is that, this is the only paper to pull up your score in A-levels, dunno how true) Btw, i only have Maths Graded A in A-levels, so i guess my method could not be wrong too far, lol ... Hope it won't kill andrea this way. I learnt speed maths when I was 7 yr old, sitting on the cash counter of my grandfather coffee shop in ipoh, ppl paying was usually Rm20 below and I learnt a way to do maths fast. The method is only known to myself. (I think everyone pick up the same but in different ways). end goal in mind: Speed & accuracy

Kumon grade 1 & 2 maths is a great way to pick up when I do not have a coffee shop for andrea to sit and practice her maths on the spot. She will finish 1 book in 2+ weeks, we are starting grade 2 maths next week then will go back to book 1. The aim is to let her familiarize with the equation and numbers for the 1st round (i asked her to put down the time also) and improve on the time the 2nd, 3rd, 4th round. 1st round time was about 10-20 min for 80-100 question (due to the harder question towards the end of the book). Andrea could only get 100% correct for the 1st few units, after that some mistake here and there but to me was acceptable as definitely will not be more than 8 wrong for 80-100 questions. 

one more unit to end grade 1 addition & subtraction. Andrea told me: 
1. when you see 19 - 15, you cancel 1 infront then only minus 9-5
2. some equation I don't use finger cos i know the answer
I guess she picked up her own method when practicing. I mark the paper and ask her to correct the answer those wrong ones and remind her maths has to be fast and be correct the 1st time. I take this as sharpen the saw hence no stress. I'm very fortunate cos andrea is very obedient and willing to do, god bless me when benjamin's time comes.  

I also have sticker charts for andrea, so far she has claim 1 gift from me and more to come :) Each sticker chart worth RM20, she can accumulate to buy more expensive things. The 1st one she claim a H&M necklace set.

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