15 October 2012

ben Oct12 Shichida

Last term (jul-sept) I was with ben, It worries me when he does not get a single memory game right. For the 3 months, i was talking to myself, maybe he's not ready because he's merely 3 yrs old, other kids, some can do it some still can't. By the end of september, I thought "this can't be right, something must be wrong" because ben is the only student can't even get 1 correct!! gulp! I'm worried that he has some other things like dyslexia which needs to find out early and treat! 

Well, because october I'm with andrea, this makes me less tense with ben, having time to calm down and think what to do for benjamin. I bought these small little cute rubbers from popular (very cheap!) and practice memory game with him, starts with 3 characters. 1st week I really vomit blood because I open and ask him to follow he CAN'T, I worry till wanna kill myself. 2nd week (6th day) was better, now acceptable. Phew ... even hubby comment he will get at least 1 right in class ... I guess my boy, didn't catch the concept earlier on. Phew!!!

Ben is seriously good at maze, both right and left hand. Good at puzzles and blocks too. Confirm he is auditory type of person, hence I need to explore how to be more effective teaching benjamin, I'm like half deaf since young, this is a real challenge to me. Why I didn't have 2 kids of the same kind, sigh ... beating round the bush again! Oh yes, need to do eye training material .... both my kids ... sigh .. didn't catch the concept WHY i said that .. andrea is really slow when doing spotting games and ben on the other hand STARE at the paper when drawing without looking from dot to dot. Aiyoo ... correction time :) I can do it, pls guide me and more positive energy pls. I'm depleting I know, I can feel it. All is well. Amen.  


心灵鸡汤 said...

Can you share how you play this memory game with your son?

Lynn said...

Take the small rubber, and put it on to the paper you see on the photo. First do it with 3, later on you add somemore until it covers all the paper. You show it to the kid, and count inside your heart 1-10, then remove it. Take a new blank sheet and ask the kid where you see the rubber location just now ... Practice make perfect :) Do it only your kids enjoy.