26 March 2012

Falling Sick

This is a very bad month for me as I fell sick almost every week! I started off with sever pain just below the eye brow, then 2 weeks later I had sever sorethroat and it's 25th march. coming to end of the month. Inevitable it's a really emotional and upsetting month for me, hence I have done all I can to overcome this, Successful? I think success rate is more than 50%. emotional wise i mean :)

My sore throat is seriously bad, as in the end antibiotic was needed badly. After taken the antibiotic, i had diarrhea, thanks to google, I found out that I need to eat probiotic. Thank God that the 24 hrs clinic has probiotic and I felt so much better after taking in the probiotic. Another last dose for tonight then I'm free :) 

Body Body, I love you. Please recover and we will enjoy life together. Thank You.

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