24 February 2012

Remove Day

Today is a remove day, however it's heaven and earth clashed with my year pillar. People around me may think that I do not take my action (resignation) seriously (yr pillar). Anyway beside talking to my new executive, i also plan to meditate and release/ remove karmic level healing. I got thoth 2 days b4 and got earth and anubis yesterday. Dunno what spirits or spells or magic stuck to me! I DO NOT ALLOW! White light please dissolves black & lower dense energy. Thank you.

Back to my conversation with the executive. Long story short, he praises me alot but never promise me the things i wanted. I said how long i need to wait, he said 3-6 months but then it would pass the promotion cycle in june, so LATEST next june. When i asked for divination yesterday, i got nuit and horus, all were delay cards. I already know today outcome would not be good but I preserves. sigh, why so accurate! He told me alot of positive things, which tempted me to stay. After 1.30hrs talking to him (he long winded not me) i walk out of my room feeling burdened. He even walk to my workstation and tell me now i'm the headmaster for this floor when he is not around. I look at him, what headmaster - well i do know he likes to spy on ppl. He just declared I'm qualified to be his spy at this point of time.

I sat on my desk feeling disturbed, for all the positive things he told me. Before I leave the room, he told me - his profile to his boss (one level up) point number 7 is God provides. Then tell me all the funny things to make me laugh. It then strikes me, could it be God wants me to remember him, so it came out from my exec mouth. I told God, what I want and what makes me Happy. I know I had to send the resignation to my exec today because he didn't promise me when I got the promotion and ppl mgr role. I hesitant, I called hubby, he gave me courage and talk me out. I walk to my desk and hit the send button. Well, my exec said: "you send la i will keep it". you just take it as you have resign and continue come back to work, this way your mind will be clear and would be more happy. = =" Well - hitting the send button I hope my troubles and worries were completely removed. God Bless ME!

I use my divination again. giza plateau & great pyramid. wow, i think my holiday in japan will be an enlightening holiday. need to plan to go some shrines or temple. I guess, it tells me, for whatever reason, remember that life is more than material - take care of your spirit, body and mind. I need to Relax and Let Go! Please guide me. bless be!

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