05 September 2012

Girl in Year 1

Met some parents in school and have exchange some useful information. I'm really glad and wanted to hug andrea and tell her that mummy is so thankful to you, you have bring so much great experience to me. Of course i didn't tell her that, or else she would thought I'm insane! haha ... Just 2 days I bring her to school and hug her like when she went to SA without ben, andrea show great behavior at home, always wanted to help me clean up when ben mess up. I asked her if this is what teacher taught you in kingsley. She said no ... I know some miracle happening there and I thank god for it. 

1. Having ended up in kingsley is really not my force. The universe force that brings andrea here. I learn that her class teacher is the most experience teacher in year 1 and she is from garden international school. The class teacher will inform me at least 1 thing when I pick andrea up. 

2. One mother child in year 2 told me about international school. I told her my concern about "don't know what they are teaching because looking at the workbook it seems so easy". The mother share her experience where her girls (year 2 and year 9) already in kingsley for the past 1 year. It helps me alot and put me at ease. Things they will be learning are not on the workbook, we will be seeing it every end of the term with thick big file. Every term they have new objective and the student has to meet it in order to PASS. *gulp*

3. I seriously thought kingsley is some average school where it will not make it to the top because of the school fee and promotional package they have offered. Looking at their new school fee and also feedback from some mothers, i think they will move to above average school (just a feeling anyway). How lucky we are, school fee locked until year 11 with andrea. How can I not thank andrea *hugz*. As for ben, I think daddy has to fork out large lump sum of money for him to study here *if the school still performing well* If it's meant to be it will be - I trust it 100%. 

4. All the mothers drive posh cars. Mostly BMW, one mother over took me and went missing on a straight road. WOW ... she drove faster than me X100. Now i know why universe/ hubby bought be a lexus, so that i don't feel inferior when I come to kingsley. AHAHA ... seriously I told hubby i want to settled for prius and he insisted on lexus because it was a very good deal he insisted. I drove in a lexus for 1 month and still has the WOW feeling inside me :) Thank you for the life configuration that makes my life so happy all the time. 

5. andrea brought all the books to school today. No need to bring books to school and will only have homework every tuesday and thursday. Need to buy more kumon books for andrea, so that she has the habit of doing homework at least 2 pages a day. They have a parents-teacher portal, looks so nice. We can message the teacher and vice versa. Thank you for my children, my husband and my life. bless be. 

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