02 November 2013

The IQ genius 3 & Nikitin Material N1

The IQ Genius 3 is a 3-D model, we have put this away for a long time as andrea's brain have not form a 3-D model yet until my Nikitin Material arrived (9 months ago), I've brought this out again and see if she can do it. Good enough, she did it effortlessly :) Andrea have completed all IQ Genius, now we are concentrating on Nikitin Material before trying cuboro which is my next target! Can't wait :)

This is Nikitin Material N1. I've bought all the series, however 3 were games, which is quite fun too. Will do it on the next post. N1 has 2 books, if you see the pink sticker (fish), andrea is still trying to do it on her own. I think we took more than 5 months to complete this (except for the fish), doing blocks also has phases, we can't forced it to happen, it has to plant a seed (try), let it grow (info settlement) means put it away and forget about it then try again (harvest time)! This rhythm is so important and it always work for us! I guess this is the universe rhythm, human rhythm, even plants rhythm. Let it flow, it will come/ Manifest! 

6yrs 2months old

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