24 August 2013

Paintings I've Made

We have done:
(a) wet-on-wet
(b) Block crayon & stick crayon
(c) Colour pencils

I'm really glad that I picked up children bible few months ago before attending this class. I can feel more when teacher david said "let there be Light!"It's all about expression and feelings when doing all these. Soul Expression they said. My drawings are not good, but I'm proud of it anyway. My soul expressed all these and I do feel a sense of satisfaction! lol .... 

(a) Colour Wheel on the left. Separation of Sky and sea. Let There be Light on the top right. Some writings at the bottom

 (a) Moses see god in the bush on bottom left. Adam & eve has to plant food, corn field on the top right. Others I can't remember what is it, anyway it's in the bible. 

(b) adam & eve snake on the left. Talking about profession - black smith on the top right. 

 (c) Colour pencil, unfinished ground and plants. sorry .. haha ... 

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