07 September 2013

Rearranging Classes Schedule

It could be energy change, it could be the higher wisdom has reached me, it could be the divine timing my daughter needs to develop her physical body. I've recently read Steiner 0-7 years old book, it says Sleep well, Eat well. Sound so familiar!! Why am I not doing it for my own children? I thought andrea does not want to sleep because she doesn't need it, tired of forcing her to sleep, I let her be. At age 6, she is still thin as skeleton, at age 5 too - many parents commented, why she so thin, let her eat more la! I didn't know what to do at age 5, when she is at age 6, i read this book and got shock because I didn't have much time left :( I quickly look at her classes schedule, to my horror she has 10 classes a week!!

Monday - Piano/Violin
Tuesday - Chinese Class
Wednesday - Private Swimming
Thursday - Chinese Class
Friday - Art at KK
Saturday - Genioart, Mind Map & Shichida
Sunday - Swimming Group class

Guess what. I cancelled classes ends later than 6pm - chinese and Art at KK. Swimming group class too. Only left with monday, wed and saturday for classes, so she can sleep peacefully at 7.30pm. Still in the progress, she now sleeps around 8pm-8.30pm, mostly 8pm. Benjamin sleeps at 7.15pm-7.30pm. I guess this is what I can do for her right now, as new knowledge comes in, adjustment is to be made again, as the world is changing, nothing is constant. I should be grateful as life is moving and is to be better! 

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