25 April 2012

New place for suzuki violin

A dedicated teacher is important for the growth of their student. I have seen the passion and dedication in dr. ng when we 1st join, however the passion faded when he has lesser younger students and told me that he even asked some student to stop because they were not teachable. He did not ask andrea to stop but often late for class, the worst thing happen was, he never inform me the actual date he is back from london. I was standing at his door step with andrea under the sun, pressing his door bell but to no avail. I was devastated. 

I then join music pro at dataran sunway since January 2012, teacher jecintha is my friend's friend who took suzuki certification together back in KK, sabah. She is very dedicated to teach young children as her students are all very young i.e 3 year old. We have been with her for almost 4 months now, we learn correct bow hold, violin hold, sing solfege, notes reading. However there is no new pieces played so far. I felt unhappy and andrea too felt bored, not because of the teacher, because of the sudden change of teaching method. 

We used to play ALOT of songs when with dr. ng. We played suzuki book 1 till minuet 1 and 2 encore books for the past 1 year, now almost 4 months ... no new pieces. I can see that andrea's violin and bow hold has improved but always needs reminder still. She is starting to pick up reading notes, I hope she can pick it up fast before I decide to quit. I felt hanging, How come there is no balance in between, either you get a very experience teacher where he will teach you all the playing method and performing experience but your basics he would not bother. Now this teacher who teach you all the correct basic stuff, however do not have 'fun' in class and no performing opportunity in the academy. 'fun' here means andrea enjoy teacher plays the piano and she plays the violin, here teacher look at her playing - seldom play for her not to mention play duet with her. I believe there is an academy/ teacher who provide balance for these quality that we are looking for. I pray this to be delivered to me and andrea. Thank You. 

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