18 April 2012

back from tokyo

There is so much in my head, but when i sat down and wanted to write, nothing came out. aww ... I guess I should wait for the perfect timing to write something meaningful. 

My trip is really enjoying, being the fact that I'm the third time there everything would seems abit familiar, hence no sweat at all. I have included alot of animals visit for the kids, and they really love it. I love the flowers and peace i had when I was there. oh oh .. my 4 months blocked period came on the 1st day i arrived in tokyo! What great blessing! lol ... This trip as per the card says, a Healing Trip. Thank you ISIS :) 

I bought myself a to-do list from muji, I have achieved alot of things these 3 days, life's good so far. Being a SAHM can be lazy sometimes, especially I do not need to do housework for the time being, I hope i can cope with it when my maid contract ends in Jan. *gulp*

I need to read all the books I've started half way, another 2 more to go, then I would start a blog on motherhood - what i do for my kids. Being blessed with time and money, i shall share the knowledge i have for kids and their development. For our star children, our future laid in the hands of MOTHERS! 

I always thought why the japanese are soft spoken and how on earth I can be as soft spoken as them. After this trip and seeing the sakura, this place contains high feminine energy. My energy was imbalance (in a female body but with high male energy) but when I'm there i feel the sense on balance. My period came. I enjoy every moment when i was there. I love everything over there and everything that had happened. It's heaven on earth for me. 

For MOTHERS who cares alot for their kids and is a Stay-at-home-mum. Please email me. I would like to keep in touch with you. I need to grow the circle of friends who strive for the best for their star children. Bless be!
Daisy flowers at Disneyland Tokyo

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