30 June 2013

Date Selection 1&2

Second self-enrichment for the month. 

Signed-up this course 3 years ago, this year only can attend due to date postpone by the academy and I also cannot make it. I would say it's definitely good timing, If I were to attend this 3 years ago, I may not have so much knowledge on 'spirituality' to really appreciate what is being taught. 

Everything happens on earth are bound by 3 factors - bazi (what you are born with), Feng Shui (location), Timing (action of human). Date Selection is Timing, according to the teacher, in HK many master use only date selection. Timing are actually govern by the stars (visible & invisible) - eclipse happens because of the invisible star as scientist cannot proof total darkness as of today. To me, the invisible are always more powerful than the visible - prayers, meditation, shichida, holistic healing etc Anyway, all these invisible many times does not approved by layman as they have not acquired the WISDOM, even some has the WISDOM their ego will bring them down, or their lack of trust and faith would not bring them far enough. All in all, even if you know all these, it takes strong determination and time to break away from your own family or personal pattern (karma).

Having great opportunity to learn so many things in the universe, I can conclude that - be aware of your reaction, break any pattern that is not healthy. secondly have trust and faith in God. thirdly meditate to clear your aura before going to sleep. Although I know these but i didn't practice it diligently but I know I should have. The secret in the universe, is to pray and have faith in God, the alignment of the stars are inside yourself, you 'know' the timing, it's inside yourself. You don't have to pay money to expensive courses because you are always guided, listen to yourself. I won't feel my money being wasted because I need to go thru all these to learn about the 'secret' of the universe. One BIG round, walking around the globe, the steps to magical life is LOVE, Trust & Listen. May the universe LOVE energy change the way you behave & think. Blessed be. 

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