21 June 2013

6th Birthday

My princess is 6! I used to feel very sad as my princess grew up this fast. Many times, I prefer her to be 3-4 years old, as she will do what i said and love is always unconditional. As she grows, I have more expectation on her, and love many times are conditional especially the reward system I had. I stopped the reward system, hoping the transition to learn "responsibility" and "habits" are easier when she reached 7 or changing of teeth. Luckily without this reward system, she does her work as before. Mummy is proud of you :) 

Andrea has always wanted to have birthday party with her friends. I've decided to have one for her on her 6th birthday. I'm a solitary person, hence having party and all actually I don't really fancy/ enjoy. I prefer to have quiet time to be on my own. I guess my girl is completely opposite of me. She wanted to have another party next year. Well, party like this won't happen every year I said to her. 

On birthday, morning I bought cupcakes to her school. Classmates sing song and blow candle. She had a BIG card with small cards inside from her teachers and classmates. At night, we had family dinner at Iketeru, Hilton. On 23rd June, we had party at Jungle Gym Bangsar. Very tiring but as long as andrea enjoyed I'm happy :) Definitely not an annual thing! 

Remember, you are the light of your soul. You do not have to listen to me or anyone else, please find time to listen to yourself often, say prayers. You will be guided always. I Love You!

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