24 May 2013

Wesak Full moon healing

Normally I'm not the type that I must go and pray in the temple. These 2 years, I do not know why I have the urge to go on wesak day. Particularly I need to light up the lamp. I didn't know why I need to do that, I just do what I feel like doing. Not that this year I know why I need to go and do, I feel the connection as Masters and Guides are talking to me but i didn't 'get' what they want to tell me. How sad. I guess more chanting and meditation needed. 

I went to Wesak Fullmoon healing with my healer, in a big group. I looked at their face, familiar but don't think i see them this life before. The shocking person I saw my dad's best friend who has just past away last month, of course not him but 50% look alike, I asked my sister ... she agrees. My sound healer was there too, I always loved her, she is a lovely lady. Both of my healer did their part, leading, crystal bowl and singing. This time I feel the flow, I wanted to sing with her too ... 

The main part of the oracle is that, people who present today, most of us are soldiers and the main theme of tonight is to release past life karma. Guess what card I took? Past LIFE! I actually 'knew' what card I will be taking and it further confirms that tonight, a big release is going on at energetic level. I don't know what relationship I had with the group of people present that night but I have a strong feeling that some of them are pulling my energy. something in my life cannot be explained and some parts of my physical body cannot be healed, it's all linked and I hope what has past, let the past energy to be dissolved. I marked them done and complete. I want a pure life and no disruption from the past. The night ended nicely. 

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