05 May 2013

Kids Yoga Teachers Training

May is a busy busy month, it started with self enrichment class. 

Going thru much of energy body discovery, had guided to focus more on the physical body. My body is really out of alignment, physically and energetically. Professional could not tell what's the problem but I was feeling out of balance all these while. A yoga teacher was sent my way last year apr, and have been with him for quite sometime now, body alignment has improvement but has not cure the root yet. Don't know if anyone can help me cure the root, seeing osteo 4th time already, I notice the balance perfected but If i'm not careful then it goes back to my original unbalance state. Human is a very complex subject, I'm not sure anyone on earth has a total understanding of 'HUMAN' health. ah well, take one step at a time, God will lead the way. 

Kids yoga class was great, met some new friends who has same vibration. I don't know if GOD has heard my 'complaints' of not sending enough ppl that matches my vibration. haha .. thanks anyway. This course given me some tools and understanding to start physical exercise with my children. As a lazy mum, I've only had conducted 2 serious class with them, they loved it and always ask me to do yoga. I just brush them off by doing one or 2 poses. I only picked the important parts (i feel) to practice in our daily life. My children are special because they have many hidden characteristic that no one knows and these characteristic can drive any mum crazy. I'm glad they have some chants for the children and my children loves it. Benjamin shows more interest and could remember all the poses name, they love to have race by doing i.e dinosaur pose, spider pose, bear pose etc 

My new friend at my area asked me to joint teach to serve our community, I think it's a really great idea. I must start off somewhere and should do some community service. All the info came to me, I have not given it all out, except on FB (which i think it can travels far) and friends around - however I guess my vibration on doing these has come to an end (almost). I don't know why, I think I'm at another level now .. output is over, now need somemore input (from teaching i guess). I pray for the masters and guides to lead me to my life purpose and send me helpful people along the way. Let it be smooth and successful one. Thank You

Kids Yoga Teacher Training at SunYoga, TTDI 3-4 May 2013. 

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