06 March 2013

Last Lesson SV - 6mar13

Ben has progressed until variation A on open strings. He is also very good at music mind games, he enjoy this the most with teacher. He has a problem of not doing what teacher wants him to do especially playing the violin. Yesterday was a very harsh day for me, Teacher told me that he could not teach benjamin anymore because he knows his own capability and thinks he cannot handle benjamin. Me being me, feeling sudden sadness, I tried talking to teacher and telling him I know where to improve as a parent, I feel guilty. Ben does not listen to me, he always do things his way, if I force him nothing will turn out well, hence I left it completely to teacher since january. After 2 months, teacher cannot tahan already. I beg teacher to give me 2 more months, let me try my best .... 

Today, I step back and look at what's happening again. I see the success in andrea, how her suzuki was a successful one. I look at benjamin, how his one was a failure? practicing is one part but andrea practice was way more fun last time. teaching material is one thing, group lesson is the other thing, third is teacher as an example. I was feeling abit not right after ben rejecting to go to class, I feel maybe teacher does not play or does not has a violin in the class even to show/ play to benjamin. All benjamin has was the radio (cd). I was still living in denial when angel send me this message, because i told myself where else to find suzuki teacher yet so near my house. Stop bothering me I told them. I was struck and awaken by what the teacher told me yesterday, today I finally accept and will tell the teacher, maybe you are right, violin is not his thing. 

Parents as a Parents, I know I can manifest something else for benjamin, although I don't know what yet. He is teachable and is very bright, genioart teacher said he is at 4yrs old development and he is only 3 yrs 4months! I need to find something more suitable and interesting for him. Have to have faith that I will get something that benjamin enjoy and love it. For my children, SV will end here. I would try to recall what andrea has done and tried teaching him at home on my own pace. I still have the other book andrea was using which is very useful I feel. Masters and Guides, please shed me some light, My boy needs alot of healing. All is well. So it is. 

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