07 March 2013

A Year Jump

Andrea complained boring starting term2, hence I met up with the head of key stage one. Initially she refused to even consider giving me lots of excuses. I wrote a very long email and started reason with her of traditional and local international school. This school charges more expensive than local international school and alot of things does not include key stage 1 (yr 1 & yr2) like sports day. She reply was, let see how andrea does in term 2 exam and will let me know if she is eligible for a year jump. 

last week was genioart evaluation, although andrea development was very positive but I asked him if it's OK for a year jump. He told me that social emotion is important for children especially below 6, so i need to be very careful, it's best not to push children before 6. Wednesday, teacher said wanna see me on thursday which is today, I thought to myself, shall I just say no to them, but me being me, I went and see what they have to say. I'm ever so ready to tell them, lets forget about it, I've figure out something else. When I'm there, there is no turning back, teacher said she has gotten a string of approvals and their plan is to put her into yr2 next week, and yr3 in september. I was devastated. The teacher sounded not happy when I told her my intention not to proceed. 

I came back feeling really lost. I prayed. angels told me, be it you push it or it's god's will, just accept what is happening. It could be a learning or it could be a blessing. receive it with open heart. I sucked up and plan what to say to andrea, as her ego was quite bloated all the time, i need to becareful of what I say. 

I started telling andrea, do you know life is about changes? things change all the time. Like you go to summer academy and now at yr1 new school. How your violin teacher changed but you still learn. Your genioart teacher changed but you still enjoy the class? friends come and go, just like your hiphop friends. You will feel sad or uncomfortable sometimes, but you must know all these feelings will past. I count the months when she 1st entered yr1, see how many friends you made and how many become your best friend. This cycle will continue until you die. 

I want to tell you the school decision is to put you in yr2 next week. you know all the teachers right, and you have seen some of the student in yr2 right? do you think you can manage the change? she nod her head. Later on she asked alot of question but I manage to answer without telling her because you did well in the exam so you gonna be ahead of your classmate. I refrain that. I'm so glad she is OK for now. I hugged her and cried, I told her, when you are unhappy, you know daddy and mummy is always here for you, we will hug you when you feel sad. Talk to guardian angels because they can hear you and they always want you to be happy. I'm so proud of you. If your yr2 friend ask you why you come to my class, just tell them ms. Tan ask me to come. I hope I have equipped her well to face the emotional challenge. Kuan Yin, Please protect andrea. 

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