09 November 2011

HK Company Trip

Daddy brought all of us to a company annual trip, this time we went to HK. I need to do alot of mental preparation as I know my weakness, my tolerance to less than perfect item is superbly LOW. Anyway, I'm back in one piece and I've very happy to announce that I went through the learning and I seriously feel happy that I did go for this trip and there is no hard feelings with anyone. The trip went really smooth, got some barrier but it didn't bother me much. Thank God!

Day 1 - arrived at HK, was stopped by HK health check people as my temperature was at 37.9 Celsius. They said I had fever and ask me a series of questions for 10 min. I have just ask for higher power protection before I step out from the air craft, hence the immense heat emitted! I dare not ask for protection when I go back to KL. I was fine throughout the 5 days, I was not SICK! for goodness sick! The hotel is seriously bad but I kept my mouth shut and keep an open heart. Later I found out, some of the rooms smells bad, my room does not smell just some awful stain. Which I feel bad smells are more killing. Thank God! I'm so lucky!

Day 2 - Disneyland! The kids had fun there. Andrea bought Belle dress and both of them enjoy the parade very much. We could not stay until the fire works starts, we went back to the hotel at 5 plus. Ben slept for 3 hours and andrea slept 1 hour after lunch. The unpleasant experience is that, people likes to cut queue. Had dinner at one of the shopping complex. The day ended nicely.

Day 3 - HK tour. Best part is I get to see kuan yin :) Thank you! I also had my favorite Starbucks ICE CHOC! It's all unexpected. I love it! Then we leave for shen zhen at 4.30pm. The long walking at the immigration was crazy, it was drizzling, I was exhausted but I know hubby is 10 times more exhausted than me. He has to carry all the bags and also andrea. Andrea refuse to walk, so poor daddy :( I was fortunate enough that all three bags I was carrying, people offered to carry it for me - so I only carry benjamin. The hotel was bad too but the dinner was OK. Ben is very well behaved - he eats on his own and alot too :)

Day 4 - shen zhen tour. so tired - day ended at 10pm :( The best part is we have excellent Lunch and Dinner (VIP room). I thought my luck was so so, but in fact our luck was so good. two times i complain to hubby but when show starts, I cannot thank god enough for the place we have been put at. The chairs are so small and the aisle are so narrow! we are so fortunate that the 4 seats in front of us no body sit, the whole auditorium is so FULL, we put our bags on the empty seat and the view to the stage is excellent (without head blocking).

Day 5 - McD pork burger for breakfast! Headed back to HK airport. Shop at Muji to go! had expensive lunch - is late for checking in - final call. RUN to the air craft and cannot wait to sleep on my bed :) How thoughts affect your luck? It does wonders and miracle happens every minute! Thank you Kuan Yin and my guides, I love all of you. Thank you for enlighten me throughout my journey on earth. I will do the same for those in need.

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