21 September 2013

Physical Exercise

Steiner also said physical body is born when we came out from mother womb, hence 0-7 years old we need to do ALOT of movement. I remembered Glen Doman class i went, they emphasize on cross crawling, monkey bar, somersault and many more. I also remembered shichida physical milestone, what you can do and cannot do, if cannot do please do it with your child, simple thing like kicking a ball, climbing a pole, doing ducky walk etc. I remembered tweedle wink having the therapy ball, ben was very scared doing the therapy ball backward when he was a baby. However, Steiner didn't tell us what to do. He just say go out of the house, do movements, running, cycling, let children play among themselves, you will see movements. I cannot agree more of Physical Exercise. I think to myself I need to do something at home!

I relate back to myself, I did rhythmic gymnastic when I was 9 years old for a year. I enjoyed tossing the ball and do stretching. Hence, I brought andrea for trial, she likes it! Guess What .. the class is full unfortunately. After that trial class, I bought a 5cm mat, we do gymnastic exercise at home. some yoga pose to loosen the spine, andrea has very stiff spine apparently, i wonder why. I've schedule 4pm as our physical exercise indoor time. at about 5pm we go outdoor, at my porch or garden as it is still very hot to go to the playground. Maybe I shall consider to buy a monkey bar or similar for the garden.

I hope they can go to proper gymnastic class as my knowledge is really limited. They forward roll is so good now, I need new imput! see video below!

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