18 November 2012

worry for ben

Few days before I had a total break down due to ben, I cannot accept what has been offer to ben in this lifetime. I broke down and cry and demand GOD to re-look into his condition for a human life. I lost my mind and I felt terribly upset, how the world configured for ben. One day he is under my care, I do not let this happen and demand all angels and Gods of the light for help. I feel their presence and I felt at ease, even ben is still with slight fever (second day)

1. Ben is a tough child, I knew it from his bazi chart. We knew it from his daily behavior. Many times, I surrender because I don't know how to handle him, I'm fortunate enough to have hubby take over most of the time. Dr. suzuki said, tough child will achieve more things in life, a mother with lots of patient and love for the child is important. Nurturing a "different" child is part of my passion with help from others, of course. 

2. Looking for teacher that's full of love and experienced is not easy. I thought I have found. However things may not want to stay the way that I want them to. I broke down and cry because, my child does need a perfect environment for this growth for the 1st 6 years. I asked GOD if this is too difficult to accommodate my request? I'm ever ready to accept the challenge but why there is no helping hand available to bring up my full of potential son? I demand GOD to share my fortune with benjamin, because I'm his mother, he should get equal share of my fortune be it nobleman or wealth, as it will directly affect me if he does not meet anyone according to my will. In the end, I realized my ego is too big.

3. I spread 3 cards. The angels told me not to worry. The Cat, The Frog, The Eagle. I trust, I surrender and I let go. Benjamin has fever the next day, I look at the clock "11:11". I immediate felt at ease, I know angels and Masters of the Light is watching us. I decided to feed paracetamol every 4 hours. There is no stress but knowing some energy adjustment and life path have been relaid. It has been an emotional week but glad stuff has been re-wired. Thank You. 

4. For all that had happened. I should suppressed my ego 1st. secondly, pray for the best than having to worry like this, it's bad for the stomach and health. Thank you angels and masters for staying with me and showing signs that you are right there with me. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Love n Light. 

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