06 April 2013

Ben Suzuki Group class - 6apr13

Hi! We are back to suzuki lessons! lol ..  i couldn't believe it too. One day a friend of mine, asked me about musicpro, I said I went before and told her there is one new teacher that I wanted to try but have no mood to call yet. She called and decided to put her 2 kids in suzuki group class, I then asked her to include me, as benjamin does not have a teacher now. Thought group class would spark up his interest once more, hopefully.

The 2 kids were also benjamin's school friend. He looks forward to go. In the class. he follows what teacher asked to do (only 70%), hence I asked teacher if he thinks benjamin is ready. Teacher told me, he is OK and parents involvement is important, I shared with him my difficulty in handling ben, and asked if he has handle such young and difficult kids. He said Yes and gave me some pointers. I guess, I would want to try out for a change. I signed up!

Back at home, I asked benjamin to practise. As usual group class teaching are slower but i feel the pace is just right for ben. I asked him to do: 1. rest position 2. Play position 3. Clap var A. He does it all at home!! I'm happy :) I'm hoping to plant the music seeds in him. Hubby said every morning benjamin listen to suzuki music without fail on the way to school, hence I truly hope he would pick up music. It's healing to the soul!

Thank God for bringing this experience to ben!

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