01 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Have not started writing anything for 2013! It's already 18 feb 2013 :) Let me back date!

We have started the lovely year with beautiful fireworks by Sunway Group. The kids stayed up past mid night, it's unbelievable, never been up this late. The trick is? We bought alot of junk from petrol station and they munch on it while waiting for the fireworks. Good experience but seriously bad for health. Limit to once a year thing.

It's been a quiet New year for us, as we have a lot of activities in last december. We went to empire subang many times, to catch santa, the kids love the lollies santa gave. I think we went total 3 times for lollies and a few more times where santa was not there. The kids were well behaved, they agreed to throw lollies away when we get into the car. Kids also love pavillion christmas train and singing carol. Singing carol is so soothing for my soul. We put up our christmas tree with alot of help from the kids now, they are such big boy and girl.

We spent christmas at Shangri-la Hotel. Got upgraded to suite with double bed. It was heavenly! With 2 toddler, bigger beds at hotel is a blessing! Had really nice buffet dinner at zipangu. Japanese is andrea's favorite! 

We also went to Farm in the City end of December. We found benjamin's favourite character "Naughty Rock". He wants to sit on the naughty rock just like the dinosaur. Will come back for feeding the animals, the kids love it.

2013 Resolution - Be more relax with my kiddos. Have more trust in god, masters and guides. Used to have 10 measurable goals every year, must be the shift :) NMRK

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